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Horses have had a profound impact on the lives and hearts of humans dating as far back as 5,000 years ago. We have used them during times of war, as a means of transport, for agricultural use, for hunting, for gaming, and for pleasure and competition. The horse has been used to represent an enormous amount of wealth and has been used to help those in deepest poverty. A horse can mirror your emotions, your heart, and your soul. They are smart, intuitive, and emotional creatures. Time spent with a horse whether on its back or simply in its presence is always “time well spent.
At Camelot Farms our wish is to honor and respect the many ways horses have impacted and filled our lives, and be good stewards of the land we use to support them. Locally on St. Helena and specifically the Historic Coffin Point Plantation, horses were used to carry both Confederate and Union soldiers, work cotton and rice plantations, and provide a means of transportation to those living on the Sea Islands and outskirts of Beaufort. Today they are still used locally for agriculture and for recreation. Wild horses still roam Beaufort County and St. Helena Island today. We are so grateful for the community around us, and for the role horses have played in our local history. We invite you to visit us, and fall in love with our horses, our community, and our storied history.
“There is nothing better for the inside of the man, than the outside of the horse” Ronald Reagan

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